Dave Goodrich 3D Trio Plays in Culpeper, VA

CULPEPER, Va. - -- The Dave Goodrich 3D Trio brings an eclectic mix of rock, funk, soul, jazz, blues, and Motown sounds to Culpeper. Frontman singer/songwriter recording artist Dave Goodrich provides smooth vocals, strong guitar riffs, and ukelele...

The Healing Power of Sound and Presence

"Listen" is the first album from The Drunken Monk project to be released. A collection of four instrumental ambient tracks designed to facilitate a meditative state of relaxed presence and mental clarity especially for people living and working within a m

New - Very Easy Photo Editing Software For Everybody

BELLEVUE, Wash. - -- Photo editing software Fotoworks XL 2019 has been completely updated with new features and user options. The photo editing software has been specifically designed for the Microsoft operating system with the ability to integrate with..