5 Steps to an Exceptional Presentation
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Bonnie Gross, SpeechScience Founder
Globally recognized speaking coach Bonnie Gross offers 5 secrets to creating a presentation that makes you the most memorable and persuasive person in the room.

TORONTO - eMusicWire -- All effective communication comes down to persuasion. Mastering the art and science of persuasion is the hidden edge that will take your life and leadership to the next level, and provide the visibility you need to achieve your goals.

Bonnie Gross, executive speaking coach and founder of SpeechScience, offers these 5 secrets to building an effective presentation that moves people into action.

Start strong
Persuasion begins the moment you step to the microphone, so don't waste time with anything that doesn't serve your ultimate goal. Capture your audience's attention right from the start with a powerful opening statement, a personal story, or an attention-grabbing statistic.

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Use visual aids / slides effectively
Visual aids should enhance your message, not be your message (they are also not your speaker notes!). Make sure your slides are relevant, clear, and uncluttered, with high-quality images and limited text.

Tell stories
The human brain is naturally wired to respond to stories. Stories are compelling and memorable, providing structure and context that make it easier for our brains to organize and retain information. Incorporate personal anecdotes or examples to make your speech more relatable and impactful.

Be prepared for questions
Anticipate potential questions and be prepared with well thought out answers. This will help you respond confidently during the question-and-answer session.

Involve the audience
Make your speech interactive with live polling tools, interactive quizzes, discussion breaks, group activities, case study analysis, or gamification. The goal is to create opportunities for participation, foster engagement, and make your presentation a dynamic and memorable experience for your audience.

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"Your ability to influence others is an unspoken key factor in measuring your ability to be a leader. Communication, today more than ever, isn't ONLY about information- it's about persuasion. And the top leaders of the world know it- and are using it to become the most memorable person in the room.'  -Bonnie Gross

About Bonnie Gross
Bonnie Gross is an executive speaking and language specialist who uses both the science and mindset of speech to help top-tier leaders become the most memorable and persuasive people in the room. Through SpeechScience International, Bonnie delivers high-impact training, executive makeovers, and keynote addresses in speaking mastery to individuals, teams, and leaders in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Bonnie's programs challenge leaders' fears, worries, and long-held beliefs about public speaking to transform how they deliver their message to the world.

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