Anni Loc: The Reigning Queen of Ohio Takes Her Throne at North Coast Music Group
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Anni Loc
TOLEDO, Ohio - eMusicWire -- In a bold proclamation, NCMG declares Anni Loc as the Queen of Ohio, signaling a new era of musical brilliance. This royal decree accompanies the release of Anni Loc's empowering anthem, "Say Yeah," poised to captivate hearts and dominate soundwaves.

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Anni Loc discovered her musical prowess at 12, delving into freestyling and writing. Distributed through NCMG's partnership with Sony's The Orchard, she now joins the ranks of music royalty.

"Anni Loc isn't just an artist; she's a phenomenon, a Queen. Her unique sound aligns perfectly with NCMG's vision," declares Jo Nathan, CEO of NCMG.

"Say Yeah": A Royal Decree Unleashed

Anni Loc's "Say Yeah" isn't just a song; it's a proclamation of empowerment and celebration. With regal energy, Anni Loc's distinctive style shines through every beat, making it an anthem fit for royalty and the masses.

From Runways to Soundtracks: A Queen's Tale

Beyond music, Anni Loc's influence extends to fashion and film. A licensed braid specialist and former model, she's walked runways in Cincinnati and left her mark on Tubi and Amazon Prime soundtracks.

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Her debut album, "Veracity," and the visually stunning "Princess Diary" video album showcase her musical prowess.

Jo Nathan expresses excitement about Anni Loc's signing, stating, "We are thrilled to have Anni Loc on board. Her music is unique, and she's unmatched. We can't wait to see what the future holds."

Anni Loc adds, "I'm honored to be part of the North Coast family. I can't wait to bring my music to a wider audience."

Royal Future: Anni Loc's Ongoing Musical Journey

As Anni Loc crafts new masterpieces, her fans can anticipate sonic spectacles in the coming months. With extraordinary talent, drive, and style, Queen Anni Loc is poised to reign supreme in the hip-hop scene.

About North Coast Music Group: NCMG is a beacon of innovation in the music industry, committed to nurturing exceptional talent.

About Anni Loc: Anni Loc, Queen of Ohio, promises to captivate global audiences with her distinctive style. Beyond music, she's a multi-faceted artist poised for greatness.

For more information, visit North Coast Music Group.

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