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Atom & Molly - The World's First Sub-Atomic Comic
"Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition" is released in e-book and paperback, featuring two perfectly paired particles, Atom and Molly, in 95 humorous panels.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. - eMusicWire -- Wherever and however we meet our significant other, the forces that bring us together include commonalities that cause us to gravitate to each other, and curiously, dissimilarities that make opposites attract, like the opposing poles of magnets.

Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition is the imagining of a relationship but between two perfectly paired particles – Atom, an atom, and Molly, a molecule – that exists on a much smaller scale than that of people.  Atom and Molly have the same personal and professional joys and stresses that people do, only at the sub-atomic level.  They reside in a world where the laws of physics act a bit differently, a world they share with other types of atomic particles.

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As described by the tag line, "The World's First Sub-Atomic Comic"©, Atom & Molly is the first comic that uses sub‑atomic particles (e.g., atoms, molecules, and others) as the actual characters themselves, bringing them to life, providing them with personalities and giving them background stories.

States Norman Katz, creator of Atom & Molly, "I started creating the Atom and Molly characters back in 2017, launching their website at that time too.  The relationship between Atom and Molly is based upon my own enjoyable personal relationship.  Naturally, in sub-atomic comic form, I can take the humor to greater and, notably, smaller extremes.  And yes, I cleared this revelation with my girlfriend before making it public!  I am excited to now share the sub-atomic world of Atom & Molly and their adventures with everyone."

The panels include background insights into the science, culture, and characters of the scenes.  Both Atom and Molly often break the "fourth wall" by acknowledging their participation in a comic.  The panel insights may be considered to break the creator's – Katz's – own wall between himself and the reader.  Katz feels that this additional dimension supplements the creativity and humor without explaining the jokes and spoiling the overall entertainment factor.

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"This is a comic and its primary purpose is humor," Katz states.  "Nothing is to be taken seriously; I'm not offering any advice or academic information.  My hope is that through the enjoyment of Atom & Molly that others find inspiration to create when they thought that they could not. Also, to encourage an interest in any field of science, hopefully as a career choice."  Katz continues: "I hope that Atom & Molly can find its way to various entertainment and educational outlets, mixing learning with fun."

Visit the Atom & Molly website at to learn more.

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