Atticus Li Gave Away 95% of His Possessions and Moved Into a Van In Order To Understand The Human Experience – The Ultimate Hero's Journey
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Traveling Philosopher
His Mission was to seek out mentors on the road, unhack his brain from technology, and empower all people to unleash their human potential.

DENVER - eMusicWire -- Boulder, Colorado, Some people have grandiose dreams and never act on them, Atticus Li is a man who had the guts to take a giant step and gamble with his life in order to regain his focus to concentration on things that will give him, and others, ultimate success and happiness. His journey was actually a field-test on himself and was a selfless act, with the true desire to help all mankind. Being an expert at researching using behavioral economics, behavioral finance, and practical psychology was all utilized to bring the truth, or what actually works for people. During his time on the road, he reads Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins, the seven love languages by Gary Chapman, and Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss.

He is also an avid listener to podcasts such as @Planetmoney @TheDaily @HiddenBrain @Joeroganexperience @The Garyvee Experience and is also taking a MasterMind course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

During a recent interview, Atticus explains, "I believe that our attention has been hijacked by manipulative behavioral marketing, and we waste enormous time on social media, deceptive ads, and attention hijacking from online distractions. I believe that using theories from behavioral economics & finance, and practical psychology, we could bring these manipulations into the light, and then regain our attention to focus on things that will give us ultimate success and happiness."

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He goes on to say, "With my academical background in business economics and obsession with behavioral economics and psychology, I use my highly critical thinking skills to unhack a lot of the ways the modern world has created to trap and wastes our time and energy. I also interviewed other professors on my podcast @trueknowledge to gain new insights and push cross-discipline theories to develop practical steps to understand the macro environment and change our micro habits."

Atticus Li had just graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, with a business economics degree. He had an innate feeling that there was a world of knowledge and understanding that was waiting for him out in the real world.

He also started a blog - in order to UNHACK the human brain from the deceptive techniques that tech companies have deployed. He will be sharing deceptive marketing that companies use, and how to build critical thinking skills to filter out fake news and claims. Atticus believes in research-based, and self-tested ways to build ethical businesses, better relationships, peaceful mind, and a healthier body. He studies the research from David Epstein to Cal Newport. This is an educational source in which he uses behavioral economics/finance and practical psychology to reverse engineer in the attention market to gain back the natural-self, avoid meaningless pursuits, and to explain the broader cultural, social, and future-orientated concept from Macro and Micro Perspectives. Unhack-My-Life is on Instagram, Twitter, and also posts all his posts on LinkedIn. Atticus on Facebook.

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