Beauty at the Beast – The Headless Horseman Rides Again
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Rescued Majestic Horse Slated for Slaughter will make Appearances at the Beast

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - eMusicWire -- According to the Humane Society, over 100,000 horses are sent to slaughter annually in the U.S., and rehoming is rare despite the vast majority are considered in good condition. However, one fortunate Blue Roan Quarter horse has been saved from an eastern Texas kill shelter and will make special appearances with the headless horseman atop this beauty at the Beast Haunted House in Kansas City's West Bottoms.

Though Kansas City's acclaimed haunted houses, the Beast and Edge of Hell, have no mercy scaring people, they have a passion for caring for animals. Aside from the bats, they appreciate flying freely in the area; these haunt creators have the world's record-breaking snake, Medusa – who earns her keep addressing snake phobias at the Edge of Hell. The haunt also keeps some rats for the show.

The Beast has a gator, a tarantula, and now with the new acquisition, a horse for the Headless Horseman. Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, also known as the Queen of Haunts, has incorporated her horses in the haunted attractions and festivals her family started until a few years ago when her horse retired.

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"Some horses love being in the show, and some don't. When we find a horse that loves it as much as the haunt fans love to see them, we know we have a winner," said Arnett-Bequeaith. "Sometimes, you just follow your heart and I had to save one I saw online. I went to the shelter where they were to be slaughtered and found this perfect mare. I would've saved more if possible."

"We've named her Blueberry Sapphire. From the moment I touched her I could tell she longed for attention. We gave her a test run and were pleased she loved the attention," Arnett-Bequeaith added.  The haunt has set up a GoFundMe to help pay the $50,000 for Blueberry's care, and to acquire and care for four additional horse-mates for Blueberry that could perform at the Edge of Hell as the Biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse. The Headless Horseman will ride again but his horse needs some friends.

For haunt fans looking to make a donation to help animals and save on tickets, the haunts will accept cans of dog and cat food in exchange for $5-off per ticket. The cans will be donated to the Great Plains SPCA Pet Adoption Center.

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About Beast and Edge of Hell Haunted Attractions
The Beast and Edge of Hell are world-class haunted house attractions located in Kansas City's Historic West Bottoms District, near downtown off the 12th Street Bridge. The haunts have always made it a priority to help children and pet charities, including the anti-bullying program "Don't Be A Monster." The Edge of Hell Haunted house is the oldest, continually operated haunted house in the nation with its start in 1975 and showcases the world-record breaking snake. While the Beast Haunted House is celebrating its 30th anniversary season in 2020 and is consistently recognized as one of the best haunted houses in the nation – named the best by America Haunts in 2019. The area's attractions also include the Ghost and Gangsters Ghoul Bus Tour and the Full Moon Escape rooms.

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