Book Author James D. Gerogiannis Releases His New Book "GUITAR PLAYER CONCERNS"
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Book Provides Answers To "What All Guitar Players Need To Know"

DUNEDIN, Fla. - eMusicWire -- From The Founder of JAMES GERO MUSIC and The Creator of GUITAR NOTES - The Science Behind The Fretboard comes a writing of consice answers that illuminate necessary subjects that guitar players need to know. In this new guitar book "GUITAR PLAYER CONCERNS" James D. Gerogiannis addresses Playing The Guitar Correctly, Guitar String Action, Frets and The Fretboard, Equal and Proportional Spacing, Guitar Fretboard Radius, Guitar Neck Types - Two Examples: The U and V Necks, Electric Guitar String Metallurgy and Electromagnetic Induction, Acoustic Guitar Strings - What Does The 80/20 Mean?

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"The guitar player knowing that he has the right feel of being in control with the finger tips on the guitar strings is very important. This is where the fret hand takes this subjective, sensory information in and sends it to the guitar player's brain and mind to be processed through his thinking and instincts of what needs to be done, so he can successfully make music." A Quote By James D. Gerogiannis

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