Celebrate Independence Day with the Indietarian Playlist: A Soundtrack for Liberty Lovers!
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LOS ANGELES - eMusicWire -- Celebrate Independence Day with the Indietarian Playlist: A Soundtrack for Liberty Lovers!

July 1, 2024
– In the spirit of Independence Day, we are thrilled to announce the continued growth of the Indietarian Playlist. Launched in March of 2024, this unique playlist represents a collaborative community of independent musical artists. It features over 2 hours of music from all corners of the US (even Canada).

The songs of the Indietarian Playlist often tap into themes of freedom, peace, and prosperity while cautioning against encroaching dystopia and dirigisme. In the post-pandemic world of today, it's the perfect antidote soundtrack for people who are increasingly returning to the values of personal autonomy, creative expression and the ideals of a truly free society. These undiscovered and renegade artists are actively recording and releasing new music with many performing locally as well.

Just as the early American patriots questioned authority to forge a new path, Indietarians are charting their own courses in a new digital music industry with a DIY attitude. For its part the Indietarian Playlist showcases tracks that challenge and inspire listeners to think independently, mirroring the revolutionary ideas that led to breaking away from the old world sparking the birth of a new nation grounded in freedom and individuality.

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Importantly, in a business known for payola - the Indietarian playlist is not pay-for-play or populated by fake listener bots. The curated grouping of songs into a themed playlist is an organic and approved way to help train the recommendations algorithm on what other musical artists similar independent-minded listeners might also like.

What is the Indietarian Playlist?

The Indietarian Playlist represents a blend of musical genres and styles, encapsulating a rebellious, energetic, and eclectic spirit. Some common themes and musical approaches include: thematic depth, stylistically varied and an independent spirit.

To Listen to the Indietarian Playlist: [https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5K9oHLyolqJGu...]

Follow the Indietarian Playlist as it is regularly updated with new music. Our team is dedicated to discovering and promoting artists who share our vision of a freer, more prosperous world.

About Indietarian Playlist:

The Indietarian Playlist is a curated collection of independent music that celebrates the principles of liberty, peace, and prosperity. Our mission is to promote artists who use their music to inspire and empower listeners to think critically and value their personal freedom. Deeper still, it is a collaborative community of similarly-minded musicians and bands. Learn more at www.indietarian.org.

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Calling All Free-thinking Musical Artists:

If you are an independent musical artist interested in promoting your music and aligning with the themes of freedom and peace, we would love to hear from you.

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