CVNNON Releases Highly Anticipated EP "The Megalodon," Inspired by Detroit's Vivid Life
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ATLANTA - eMusicWire -- Hailing from the heart of Detroit, MI, CVNNON, a musician whose life has been steeped in a rich tapestry of sound, releases his latest EP, "The Megalodon." Drawing inspiration from his formative experiences in Detroit, this project is a testament to his roots and an energetic exploration of his distinctive style.

Growing up in a musically vibrant environment, CVNNON's artistry is almost second nature. His aunt, an old-school/house/techno DJ, and a family lineage rich in musical talent, have all played pivotal roles in shaping his musical journey. With a sound that's both energetic and provocative, CVNNON continues to push the boundaries of his craft.

"The Megalodon'' stands apart from CVNNON's previous work. This EP represents a deliberate departure from his past lifestyle and a deep embrace of his true nature. "I want my fans to feel invincible when they listen to my music," says CVNNON. "I want them to feel like they can't be messed with, no matter where they are in life. It only takes the right situation to bring the monster out of you and to stay hungry."

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Collaboration has been key to this project. RJ Lamont produced the entire EP, with guest vocals from affiliated artist Marlee and a verse from Richtown Luie on the track "Maniac." CVNNON's older fans will appreciate the samples and lyrical prowess, while new listeners will be drawn in by his bold content.

The inspiration behind "The Megalodon" is the idea of survival in a world of predators. "There is always a bigger fish, and when you swim with sharks, you gotta be the biggest to survive. Either eat or get eaten," he reflects."

CVNNON's creative process involves a deep connection with producers like RJ Lamont and Slapboy Franco 8, long sessions of beat immersion, and intense recording sessions. The final touches are made with the help of engineer Cel The Product and mixing and mastering by Vinny at the House of Hits in Miami.

"The Megalodon'' marks a pivotal point in CVNNON's journey, highlighting a significant era of self-discovery and artistic growth. His fans can look forward to more YouTube releases, music videos, and performances in a city near them soon. Stay updated by following CVNNON on social media. To learn more about CVNNON, follow him on Instagram at

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CVNNON is a dynamic musician from Detroit, MI, known for his energetic and provocative sound. With deep roots in a musically inclined family, CVNNON's artistry is a natural extension of his environment. His latest EP, "The Megalodon," showcases his growth and evolution as an artist, blending witty bars and metaphors with fresh, upbeat delivery.

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