Dialogue with Three Chords begins residency in Industry City
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BROOKLYN, N.Y. - eMusicWire -- Dialogue with Three Chords (D3C) will perform in residency with brooklynONE Productions (bkONE) at the Tom Kane Theatre at Brooklyn's Industry City. The residency begins May 25th at 8pm where D3C teases their upcoming season which presents the serialized play "A Brooklyn Arcanum," written by Stephen Gracia and directed by Michael LoPorto. Tickets are $5 in person or by ordering online.

For D3C's 2023 residency at bkONE in Industry City, the punk rock theatre group performs on the following dates: May 25th, June 16th, August 24th, September 28th, October 26th, December 14th, and December 21st.

"D3C and bkONE have collaborated many, many times over the past decade and we're stoked to be presented by them at their brand-new theatre," says LoPorto. He and Gracia are co-founders for D3C.

"A Brooklyn Arcanum" begins Thursday, May 25th, and tells a Tarot-themed story set in Brooklyn featuring gods, monsters, and famous Brooklynites. It builds on the groups' 2015 serialized play, "The Major Arcana or The Fools Journey" which followed The Fool on his journey through the entire Major Arcana of the Tarot.

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D3C's serialized plays can be enjoyed separately as stand-alone pieces, but those who take in multiple performances will be rewarded with a continuous narrative.

The dates for performances of "A Brooklyn Arcanum," which marks the beginning of D3C's thirteenth season of indie theatre in New York City, are: May 25th, August 24th, and October 26th.

The remaining dates of D3C's 2023 residency serve as one-off, seasonal performances. On June 16th they present a themed pub crawl for Bloomsday. This annual celebration of James Joyce is observed on June 16th, the day all the events in his novel "Ulysses" take place.

December 14th offers a return of last year's seasonal rhyming theatrical pub crawl "The Mari Lwyd," and December 21st sees the return of the adult Christmas play with songs "The Krampus."

"We love D3C and we are thrilled to have them with us at Industry city," says Anthony Marino, co-founder of bkONE. "We are excited to see what theatrical magic will be made throughout the year."

Tickets for May 25th: https://www.onthestage.tickets/show/brooklynone-productions-inc/6460547448726a0e4014ebc9

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