Founder and CEO of Execute to Win and the MIND Methodology™, releases a new Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book
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Lee Benson Execute to Win WSJ and USA Today Bestseller
Lee Benson shares his proven process to strengthen communities by improving workplace culture and raising employee engagement while creating value.

PHOENIX - eMusicWire -- Phoenix, AZ - Your Most Important Number, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller by Lee Benson, provides a simple, yet powerful business operating system that equips companies to increase the value they create for their customers.

Using his extensive 25-year experience as CEO, Benson founded Execute to Win (ETW) with the goal of equipping senior leadership teams the tools they need to experience similar results by working together at improving their organization's Most Important NumberTM. With the organization's members operating in alignment, profitability, cash flow, and impact quickly and significantly accelerate. Using Benson's training, teams learn how culture connects with financial results. This understanding enables team members to make informed decisions and take responsibility for their outcomes.

Your Most Important Number was released worldwide on June 14, 2022, and is available everywhere books are sold.

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What others have said:

"It is the best business management operating system I have ever seen. Had I used it when running General Electric, our results would have been exponentially better."

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric and "Manager of the Century"

"Most entrepreneurs have no structures or systems in place to grow their businesses, and they end up feeling overwhelmed, staying small, and never reaching their goals. Your Most Important Number is the operations and leadership guide you were never given. It's one of the most powerful and practical books I've picked up all year and is a must-read for entrepreneurs!"

Evan Carmichael, CEO,

"The concept of a Most Important Number and focusing on Key Drivers has helped my team grow and perform to get even better results during my one-year sabbatical. We continue to use the methodology within our leadership team to provide an incredible member experience and valuable insights to help develop a strong community within Genius Network. Plus, I've introduced this framework to some of the other organizations I have invested in, and it has accelerated their results and improved team focus."

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Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network

"We started using the MIND Methodology© when I launched HeroMaker, and the process helped us quickly and collaboratively grow as a team to accomplish great things. Keeping our highly talented team focused, communicating, and collaborating on the right things as we scale to accomplish feats that have never been achieved before has empowered me to focus on achieving the vision."

Gareb Shamus, CEO, HeroMaker Studios; CEO, ACE Comic Con; Founder, Wizard Entertainment

About the Author

Lee Benson has over 25 years of experience as a CEO. He owned and led Able Aerospace, then sold it for nine-figures to Textron Aviation. Next, he founded Execute to Win (ETW) to help senior leadership teams experience similar results by working better together at improving their organization's Most Important Number. Today, his operating system is used by businesses around the world. Benson lives in Arizona where he leads ETW and invests in and advises many high-growth companies that use the MIND methodology. He enjoys playing guitar, exercising, and spending time with those who matter most to him.

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