Funky Pythons continues to grow as a solo project.due to today's technology
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Rafael, the man, the talent, behind Funky Pythons, has participated heavily in the underground circuit for years. His underground experiences, as well as life insights, from years of travel, family and work are at the heart of Funky Pythons.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - eMusicWire -- The beauty behind a project like Funky Pythons is it allows for the freedom of creativity. Although elements of funk and punk tend to be at the core of each song, adhering to just one or two genres seemed pointless. Beats, blues, jazz, funk, punk, rap, soul, electro, you name it and probably you will find it somewhere within the project. However, there is a unique essence at the foundation of the project that is providing Funky Pythons with clarity, strength and intention.

Funky Pythons released a new song "Bin Diving Queen". It is a fantastic song - groovy & funky while revealing the activities of an eco-warrior. "Bin Diving" sometimes referred to as "dumpster diving" is a growing phenomenon by many who are conscientious of the fact that a large percentage of food is wasted daily while way too many in the world are starving. Bin Divers are generally grouped into those who dive for food to eat, those who distribute it to the homeless and those who share it at environmental activist events.

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"Bin Diving Queen" is not a conventional character, she is portrait of an eco-warrior trying to make change and deserving of recognition. And so, Funky Pythons sheds light on the intention and creativity behind the song .... "The voice is intentionally calm, more like a narrative describing the adventures of someone who is breaking the law looking to help others. Hence, you cannot shout too much! You need to sing to the motion, she is hiding, so I tell you her story here, between you and me quietly. However, the guitar and the rhythm get crazy and intense once she has accomplished her mission. So, it's the time to celebrate, get that energy out and jump and dance. The second verse describes the Bin Diving Queen's personality, 'she doesn't dream on fashion and super stars' She would love to sail on the rainbow warrior who was a legendary ship from Green Peace".

Funky Pythons brings to light issues that should be important in our world today. It is a project that should be 'heard' and supported. "Bin Diving Queen" is available on Spotify, iTunes and other popular music platforms. It is worth a listen and a share.

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