Global Superstar Jahna Sebastian, Releases Her Powerful New Single "Changes In The Sky"
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NEW YORK - eMusicWire -- After attending a cultural excursion during Paris Fashion Week with her daughter Nicole, London based singer/songwriter, producer, videographer, multi-instrumentalist Jahna Sebastian, releases her powerful new single "Changes In The Sky" from her third upcoming album Revelation Ships.  The uplifting new record was written, recorded, produced, arranged, performed and mixed by Ms. Sebastian at her studio Multivizion Music. In this soul provoking new track Ms. Sebastian discusses the connection between the changing human emotions throughout life through experiences and the colour pallette, the shapes of the clouds, the stars in the sky.  Ms. Sebastian wrote this single to bring awareness to the masses so they can be closer to understanding the inner voice and why these changes are happening. Ms. Sebastian stated, "Many people are getting too dependent on trying to fix their moods with temporary artificial satisfactions in the material world. However, life on Earth brings in a variety of moods like the changing phases of the moon. When people are cramped in the high rise buildings in the cities, how many times do they actually look at the sky to read the environment outside of the square rooms and statistics? Walking around the ancient cities you can read history by looking at the architecture."

Ms. Sebastian further stated, 'In the modern society, in those parts that are driven by obsession with materialism, there is a fixation on building skyscrapers, making them taller while a human being feels smaller walking on the road beneath them. It creates a different feeling for a person, who can only look down on the ground and never fully appreciate the environment out of fear and discontent." Ms. Sebastian is well known for her poignant socially conscious songwriting . Ms. Sebastian's passionate lyrics sets her apart from other artists who sing about the same redundant meaningless things. Ms. Sebastian has always been a breath of fresh air and in this track she shows why she is so highly revered in the music industry.

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When asked about the inspiration for "Changes In The Sky", Ms. Sebastian stated, "The moment you go out of the big city and look up at the sky, where there are no city lights interfering, you can see the stars very clearly. The changes in the sky are also about the stars and the true purpose of reading the scape of the Cosmos, how for thousands of years people would observe them and feel connected with a bigger purpose. This vision gives hope and knowledge of the place of humanity in the Universe. Beauty of the building is still important in societies where human relations are about good energy and they still build temples and homes like in the ancient times which can be read like books in stone."

On the new single Ms. Sebastian heartwarming lyrics details true friendship:

'Where I'm from people know
That you can tell a friend anything
We can take so far away
All what we know about the real love
Cause it's everything'

Ms Sebastian created many layers in the vocal arrangement to add this airy elevating feel to it, when asked about the record Ms. Sebastian stated, "It means that even when travelling, I am taking this attitude to friendship and love with me. When people move to other countries they often get pressured to change. Instead I see it as an opportunity to show what real love is about. When people focus on materialism, they even start talking about human relationships in terms of 'markets' and 'high value' or 'low value'. This became very prevalent on social media. Human relationships can't be measured by money, it's not a healthy society, where every person has to get points in a form of numbers and money that was invented by human beings. That kind of society is just a mere form of a collection of atomised individuals who only relate to each other based on a controlled environment. Family values are based on completely different views. Love and friendship have existed long before any of the modern economic systems and were the key to survival of our ancestors."

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Ms. Sebastian further stated, "So bringing that light and warmth to other places, where it's cold in terms of human interactions and it's all about monetary transactions, is how we can show there is another way. It also references the artwork of my album Legends On The Map where I am coming from the East to the West and bringing that light and knowledge." The artwork was drawn by artist Ainur Timergaliev, he also drew the cover for her album 'Revelation Ships'. On the cover Ms. Sebastian is wearing an elegant blue velvet dress by designer Valdenize Soares. The photo was taken during her trip to Scotland when she was studying history and nature in Edinburgh and the Cairngorms, a mountain range in the Highlands of Scotland.

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