A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Landscape Painting
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A Group Show of contemporary painters addressing ideas about landscape painting and our relationship with nature and surroundings.

HARVARD, Mass. - eMusicWire -- Mediated Landscapes

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7 Fairbank Street



MA 01451

Opening October 31

Reception 3-5pm November 7

Closing December 18

Mediated Landscapes is a group show of painting drawing and collage that probes at a very contemporary set of ideas and philosophies about the landscape and about landscape painting. Curated by Mathew Tucker, the common thread in this show seems to be something like a shared philosophy among the artists despite a broad range of approaches, it is perhaps a return to the idea that we are imbedded and deeply enmeshed in the landscape even at a time when we might feel quite estranged from it, pointing at both our perceived separation from it and as the ultimate context and fabric within which everything exists.

Artists in the show use a diverse collection of devices and techniques to interrupt, distort, filter and self reference the image. All works wether explicitly depicting or alluding to the landscape (or the history of landscape painting) point back to the way in which they are not the thing, they point back to the gap between the image and the landscape in real life, the idea of what the landscape represents and how we perceive the space around us.

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These works engage with various themes and ideas imbedded in the landscape including climate anxiety, a contemporary yearning for the sublime, an exploration of spacial relationships, the artifice of the image, the materiality of the surface, texture, pattern and repetition, time unfolding and collapsing and

Featuring works by,

Maxim Brandt, Melissa Brown, Joerg Dressler, Christna Haglid, Alexandra Hammond, Cary Hulbert, Will Hutnick, Joel Kurtz, Olivia Mundy, Jackson Obrasky, Claudia Rega, Mashamitsu Shigeta, Mathew Tucker, Jan Valik and Rochelle Voyles.


Mathew Tucker

Source: Mathew Tucker Studio
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