Guitar Guru Reveals Methods Behind Mastering Rhythm Guitar For Metal
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Tom Hess shows guitar players how to play tight rhythm guitar.

CHICAGO - eMusicWire -- International guitar teacher Tom Hess, has released an online resource revealing his methods for playing rhythm guitar for metal.

In his online resource, Hess discusses some of the subtleties to metal rhythm guitar playing. He explains the importance of picking with power and aggression in order to better articulate the notes being fretted. This is proposed as a solution to "weak-sounding" guitar riffs that are said to lack the power needed for rock and metal. In this resource, there is a demonstration of the difference in volume between aggressive picking and softer picking.

Hess says: "When playing rhythm guitar in metal, people often pick with the very tip of the pick on the top of the strings. You cannot generate much power and articulation this way. Instead, you need to pick down further into the strings with more of the pick's surface area. By digging into the strings in this manner, you automatically play with more volume. Combine that with using more actual surface area with the pick, and your picking becomes extremely powerful and aggressive with little effort on your part. This may take some time to get used to, but it is well worth it and will change your rhythm guitar playing forever."

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In Hess's resource, he demonstrates how to play rhythm guitar aggressive with a student and helps him to begin mastering the concept for himself.

Hess's online resource about playing rhythm guitar can be found on his YouTube channel along with various other instructional videos:

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