Happy Birthday Jon Batiste! Six Grammy Nominations-NOLA Royal Family of Music Overjoyed!
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What a great birthday present! NOLA's Royal Family of Music is encouraged! Great news on the day before his birthday, especially after the recent loss of their "Young Lion" David Russell Batiste.

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The news yesterday of Jon Batiste's six nominations just prior to the music phenom's birthday, today, has been received with great exhilaration by NOLA's Royal Family of Music, deemed so due to the treasure of the family's talent and sheer numbers, over 25 current musicians and performers that include Louisiana Hall of Famer, David Batiste Sr. and also other family members who have passed on and left a great legacy of music.

Born on Veterans Day, 1986 to Michael and Kathy Batiste, Jon's nominations, "early birthday presents," were released Friday, November 10th as NOLA media reports helped spread the great news of Batiste's that include "Song of the Year;" "Record of the Year" and "Album of the Year:"

4WWL News: https://www.wwltv.com/article/entertainment/grammys-jon-batiste-grammy-los-angeles-new-orleans-louisiana-lauren-daigle/289-206b9d82-271b-4b08-94a6-61741a3caf6f

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"This announcement beats with the rhythm of life as we are overjoyed to get this life affirming news, " said David Batiste Sr. "Jon was with the family as we just gathered in October to celebrate the life of my eldest child, David Russell Batiste Jr. and laid him to rest like only we can do in New Orleans and now in November we get word of Jon's nominations; what a blessing!"

Services for Jon Batiste's first cousin were administered by Professional Funeral Services with ceremonies at St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church and officiated by Reverend Ajani K. Gibson.

5-Time Grammy Winner of NOLA's Royal Family of Music Celebrates Inspiration, "Genius" of Russell Batiste

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The rhythm of life…the circle of life is often expressed artistically with music as "NOLA's Royal Family of Music," the Batiste Family legacy demonstrates.
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