How a little independent Physicist solved the 'Theory of Everything' and no one was listening
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Perihelion engineering – the universe not in a nutshell by tj ginn

CINCINNATI - eMusicWire -- How a little independent Physicist solved the 'Theory of Everything' and no one was listening.

The Neil's Bohr Atom is wrong. E=MC2 is marginally correct. The 'Red Shift' is a mis-observation. The 'Big Bang' never happened, and the Universe is infinite with proof. The only one who got it right was Charles-Augustin de Coulomb. Unknown to him at the time he not only successfully defined the electron but also 'Dark Matter' for the electron is the first entry point of matter from the 'dark matter' realm.

Physicist swim around it their sea of egos loving to hear themselves speak. Albert Einstein was the greatest magician. He made you believe that space inflates. Now hear this you cannot expand nothing. Relativity requires a direction definition as in 'away from or toward' and energy is not an entity except that matter possesses it.

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Wake-up, time had no beginning which also means, infinite intelligence has no more concern about you than you do for a fly. Better hope that love and compassion turned around and saw a greater purpose for a fly.

There are no attractive forces, there are only push and not pull forces. Magnetism is a mis observation. You are not being attracted to the planet you are being pushed. A magnet is a 'dark matter' lens. See the proof…


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A PHD level dissertation but written as a primer because of the many new concepts.

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