Iris Dubs, the screenwriter of "El Señor de los Cielos"
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The librettist reveals the key to strengthening the investigative chronicle and bringing the social complaint to Hispanic television.

MIAMI - eMusicWire -- MIAMI. - With a consolidated name in the Spanish-speaking television industry in the United States, writer and producer Iris Dubs -based in Miami since 2018- celebrates a decade at Telemundo bringing social dramas to the small screen as part of the team of scriptwriters led by Luis Zelkowicz, who captivate the audience with major productions such as "El Señor de los Cielos," Malverde: "El Santo Patrón" and "El Chema," series created by Zelkowicz that have broken audience records nationwide, and have also conquered international audiences through digital platforms such as Netflix and Peacock TV.
After standing out as a soap opera writer in "Dulce Amargo" and "Toda una Dama," the Venezuelan Iris Dubs sees her trade crowned when she turns ten years as a dialogue writer for "El Señor de los Cielos," successful soap opera focused on the life, work, drama, family, and love of the character of Aurelio Casillas (Rafael Amaya), a drug trafficker in this fiction that continues to monopolize the first rating places in the United States.

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With a name that is already synonymous with success on the small screen, Iris Dubs reveals that she has enjoyed the applause of the public and her colleagues, but also that her work has not been exempt from judgments, being behind a production like "El Señor de los Cielos" which for many critics is a series that exalts organized crime and the world of drug trafficking. A production that has supporters and detractors, and that adds more than 800 hours of television, spread over eight seasons.
Reality exceeds fiction
"Working under the leadership of Luis [Zelkowicz], we have always had as our goal to let the viewer know that drug trafficking is not an easy world, so we do not advocate for the crime. We have never featured a drug dealer full of happiness. On the contrary, we emphasize the drama that is experienced when crime is chosen as a means of livelihood. That is why we present the families torn apart by the violence that the cartels generate, and we do it in a bloody way, reflecting reality. What we show is totally discouraging, so it is not an encouragement," she reflected.

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On how she sees the current role of women in writing for TV, she claims that "We are at an interesting moment. I believe in learning through opposites, and in fact, it is there, at the meeting of opposites, where conflict occurs, where the sparks fly, and the drama begins. I think we have the sensitivity to take on that challenge, that there have always been wonderful women in writing, behind the scenes, inspiring others to be better", Dubs concluded.

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