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Manhattan, New York– The talk of the town hip-hop musician is all happy to entertain the spell of his tremendous music once again on his fans. JayDaReal announced that the release of his new music album on March 8th, 2019 was one of his favorites. The music is set to stream on all the reputed platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Amazon for the fans to easily. The young artist showed much enthusiasm and added that his new album - 'Born real' is surely going to get off the charts in the coming months too.

The new album of JayDaReal – 'Born Real' entailed ten music tracks. Each of the tracks is roughly 3:00 to 4:00 minutes that are promised to take the fans down the memory lane. Surprisingly, JayDaReal has even collaborated with other renowned young artists to provide variety to his fans. JayDaReal was featured with five other artists to bring you a new touch on 5 different songs. This was done to ensure that each of his fans gets to hear the type of music they prefer.

The young artist JayDaReal became famous on the release of his very first debut with the track 'Brand New'. The artist was hooked with the passion of music since, the age of 16. He grew up taking inspiration from listening to country and rock music. However, soon he realized his unwavering interest in the hip-hop genre.

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Versatility is the best word to describe JayDaReal. The artist is bestowed with the talent to launch a perfect soundtrack that certainly touches the strings of the hearts of millions of fans. The sun-kissed, blissed-out chords shimmering like a mirage when combines with the mesmerizing vocals of the immensely talented JayDaReal indeed, becomes the best combo.

JayDaReal surely ecstatically portrayed his ability to create killer beats with enthralling lyrics. JayDaReal added while announcing the release of his new album - 'Born Real' that this album has a wide variety of songs that will surely manage to get on the repeat playlist of the listeners. Each of the songs in this album has distinct melodies that resemble the high pitched echoes engaging the conscious mind of the listeners.

In the album, JayDaReal has integrated the sharp cadences that are elevated with the clichés in lyrics enforced by the sheer delivery of the vocals. Like before, this time JayDaReal has managed to maintain the balance of his half-rap and half-vocal music tracks for his fans. JayDaReal highlighted that the music track in his New Album – 'Born Real' will definitely exceed the expectations of the fans. The soundtracks are soothing and not overwhelming loud yet, will manage to maintain the groovy vibes that hip-hop genre must-have.

So, all the lovers and admirers of hip-hop music!!

Keep enjoying the outright rap style enticing tracks by your very own super-talented JayDaReal.stats
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