Jon Robert Quinn Deletes Social Media Accounts
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EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - eMusicWire -- Over the past several months, Jon Robert Quinn has moved further and further away from social media. First was Twitter, with the privacy and free speech issues the platform was having. Next was TikTok, with security issues and plagiarism on the platform. With Jon Robert Quinn getting nearly a million streams per month from his music being used on people's content, China doesn't have copyright laws, therefore no royalties were being earned. The last time we saw such an issue with artists not being paid for streams, was in the old Napster days. Sadly, not much can be done because of the legalities in China. With the circumstances of the plagiarism, JRQ left the platform. Recently, he left Facebook and Instagram. Both for different reasons but a lot of the same as well. Facebook's algorithm feeds users what Facebook wants the user to see rather than what the users what to see. The same goes for Instagram. After writing his book, 'Breaking News: The Media is Lying to You' last year, the studies putting the book together were eye opening. Getting into who owns who and the government's agenda behind their propaganda was shocking and identifying it first hand on those platforms left JRQ with a very unsettled feeling. The move to delete Facebook came Christmas Day 2022 when it was negative post after negative post from both users and media agencies. As he puts it, "Our success stems from the health of our brain and what we feed it and constantly feeding our brains with garbage makes our brains turn to mush." The move to drop Instagram happened in the last 24 hours with the significance of adult related content on the platform. Jon Robert Quinn gives a stark warning to social platform providers, "If they don't focus more on their product and less on profits, their greed will dissolve the thing they sacrificed so much to build. I'm not the only one that's left these platforms. More will follow and social media as we know it, will become the next Blackberry." As for Jon Robert Quinn fans wanting to keep up-to-date on his products and projects, that can all be found at

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