LOUDmusic Launches All-In-One Tool For Independent Musician Success
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New platform will redefine what it means to be an "independent musician"

BETHESDA, Md. - eMusicWire -- LOUDmusic, a newly launched record and technology company, announced today a subscription service unlocking a powerful suite of tools for budding artists who need help getting started in the music industry. The new web application enables subscribers to distribute high-quality audio and market that work on their own platform using LOUDmusic's website builder, merchandise designer, and other branding tools.

LOUDmusic is the brainchild of Derrick McMichael II, a veteran producer in the music industry who noticed a common theme among dozens of young artists he worked with nationwide over the years. Musicians consistently voiced their frustration with not having the tools needed to scale their careers. McMichael is perfectly positioned to address their greatest pain points.

"We want every independent musician with an internet connection to be able to create and monetize their talents," said McMichael, cofounder of LOUDmusic. "Our platform enables people who don't have industry contacts or connections at top music labels to still have a fair shot at a successful career."

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LOUDmusic's Competitive Advantage

LOUDmusic provides high-quality audio and video content with excellent metadata to a variety of platforms worldwide for a fraction of the cost of other music tools. Besides worldwide music distribution, LOUD's bundle of tools also includes, but is not limited to:
  • Cash advances for musicians - LOUD's advance program offers up to ten times an artist's monthly royalties. This gives artists starting out access to up to thousands of dollars before their royalty check arrives.
  • Website builder - A powerful website builder, with various templates to choice from, for branding purposes; no coding skills required; unlimited websites; no additional fees.
  • Social media promotion - Get your music on Spotify music playlists with LOUD's Spotify artist service or start trending on Instagram with LOUD's viral music campaigns.
  • Brand management tools - New customizable tools added all the time to help you manage your brand, such as custom merchandise, and, in coming months, a logo maker.
  • Creators-Only Social Media – Exclusive to the application, a dynamic and unique social media network for artists to interact with one another, share new music releases, make announcements, and more.

"LOUDmusic offers something so many artists crave -- full control over how they monetize their music, from distribution and merchandising to branded website and public relationships, all in one place" said LOUDmusic co-founder and chief financial officer Brandon Jiles Alexander. "Our mission is to shift the power back to independent musicians. We make the process easy so they can focus on what they do best – making music."

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LOUDmusic is currently accepting sign-ups for its beta product. To learn more, you can follow LOUDmusic on Instagram @LOUDmusic.io and register as a creator on its website www.LOUDmusic.io.

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