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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - eMusicWire -- Art Basel was a clear statement that price is a myth when it comes to art. The fact is, even though we went through a pandemic people STILL have an abundance of money to spend when it comes to collecting exclusive art pieces.

During Art Basel, Market Price, a U.S based fine artist working primarily in the medium of oil painting sold a piece for $170k which is a primary example of just how lucrative the art market is more than ever. Price has been painting for nearly two decades, though his original works did not appear until 2011, and during Art Basel he had his own private show "Come Fly With Me" which he sold out. Although he may be somewhat of a new artist he is now featured in top galleries worldwide and collaborating with big brands on various projects.

The art pieces that Market Price creates are subjective in that there is a story in mind for you to interpret as you see it. Many works feature a textured grid, often silver–this grid represents our networks, and is the physical manifestation of the network effect. The grid acts as both a bridge and a glue between different elements within the work.

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You will find the Doberman Pinscher head in many of his pieces often intertwined with a Bird of Paradise flower which is a staple of his work and represents "Being in the Zone"–those moments when we're all at our best, regardless of how we got there.

The clear themes in his art take place mostly surrounding wealth and its perception. The stories within each piece are a mix of personal experiences and elements of pop culture that helped shape the artist in his younger years. There is a layer to the content which you will notice in the names of each work and overtime the bigger picture will emerge.

Market Price has decided to extend his South Beach gallery location until February 28th with all new pieces and invites the public to come view his work while it's still available.

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590 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139 (
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