MICHAEL FANG romped ahead with his new song “Party”
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Texas, Dallas, August 26, 2018 – Michael Fang the new rapper is rapidly ruling over the playlists of his fans. Although he previously has only four songs on his discography to connect with his fans but the musician has been successful in developing a strong connection with only a few of his tracks. "FLEEEK" is one of his latest tracks – released on August 24, 2018. Produced by Snak Beats and written by Michael himself, Fleeek is a musical description of the people's persona of Fang and his friends, their fashion and lifestyle. It is also enlisted as the third song on Michael Fang's EP of four songs named "Summer Sizzle".

The emerging musician is 24 years old, born on April 14, 1995. Raised and based in Houston, Texas, Fang is a U.S. national. The rapping star was more into the performing arts since his childhood and this was actually the little springing start within him that made him complete his schooling in Arts program from Magnet Middle School. He later joined the Art classes in 2007 and remained in the theatre till graduating with an HS diploma in 2013. He attained a degree in advertising from Texas Tech University and graduated in 2017.

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If we enlighten his professional career, Fang since the beginning was finding the right door to opt for what he likes. Fortunately, his friend helped in figuring it out; or, in the cases vice-versa most of the rising starts end up without finding the right track. The friend – Joshua Okea, mainly known as "Chigo Ace" and Fang made their ways to the hip hop dancing but Fang soon realized that it is not his thing and he made out to the music industry with the efforts of his friend.

Fang's enthusiasm towards his passion could be judged by his exertions to learn audio engineering. In fact, the duo of friends was able to construct a recording studio. Later, with the addition to the duo, Fang, Chigo Ace, and Saint initiated a collective and named it the "Third force", later renamed as Darc Wav.

Michael Fang has been tagged with the titles of wild nights and overall rage as a description of his personality. Well, whoever claimed it must have given a detailed thought to it as his songs are a great projection of his personality. Fleeek will give you an energy boost and a thundering track to dance on. The power in his music makes it irresistible for his fans and they have positioned themselves at the top of their playlists. The rapping style with auto-tuned vocals of Fang will let you behold his tracks right there in your head even after the song ends.stats
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