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RICHMOND, Va. - eMusicWire -- The artistic collective PDS from the record label and music publisher HNA Music. The legacy of authentic music is reborn, pulsating with renewed vigor and purpose. Here, you are guaranteed to experience the pulsing energy of electronic dance music, the unrestricted and carefree appeal of rock, the lyrical prowess of hip-hop and rap, the haunting allure of country, the friendly warmth of classical music, and so much more. Beyond mere entertainment, PDS is on a profound mission to showcase the transformative power of music as a catalyst for social change. Rooted in the belief that freedom and self-cultivation are the cornerstones of a better world, PDS and, indeed, HNA Music serves as a rallying call for empowerment as much as entertainment.

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2024 has been a busy year for PDS, with a plethora of releases spanning genres such as EDM, pop, country, hip-hop, rap, and rock. This is the year that saw the release of a 22-song album, "Dance," a tour de force brimming with authentic music to get your body moving and your spirits nourished.

The track "Your Life" charms with its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, underscoring its anthemic weight, making it an unforgettable masterpiece. The pulsating rhythms and enchanting vocals seamlessly entwine in what is the perfect dance floor jam to get you dancing through the night with ecstatic abandon. The beauty of this track also lies in its retro influences, allowing it to hit you right in the heart with nostalgia thanks to its vintage feel.
"Cruising (Guitar Rock)" features a lush and ear-friendly soundscape. With PDS showcasing such flawless guitar technique and astounding musicianship, the music's deft execution magnificently complements the depth of the lyricism. The poetic delivery makes this tune unique; it's an unexpected yet exciting concoction that makes this tune stand out

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"Love Dance (Romance) – Remix" is a stunner that sees PDS elevate the original to new heights with this epic remix. The addition of viola strings lends a symphonic appeal, while rap-quoted lyrics accentuate the jam's poetic feel. The haunting piano tones add crystal clear polish and elegance to the mix.

"Techno Journey (AI)" is another captivating song that is hauntingly beautiful thanks to the energy of the beats backed by the ethereal execution. The electrifying beats, haunting lyrics, and voice invite the listener to embrace the liberating force of Techno music. This is a magical track that cleverly looks into the past while stepping into the future.

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