NYC Rockers Lonnieclaire Push for "Authentic Experience" with New LP "Mercury Wash"
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Band is determined to not get trampled by the industry machine

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - eMusicWire -- Rather than simply releasing their album on streaming sites, veteran rock band Lonnieclaire is taking a more independent approach. They're exclusively selling their new LP only on compact disk directly to their fans thru their website. By taking this route, Lonnieclaire is showing that they're unsatisfied with the status quo of the music industry, and striving to create a more personal connection with their fans, rather than relying on the algorithms of streaming services to push their music to new audiences.

The band is taking a gamble, but it hopes this unconventional approach will allow it to more deeply engage with their fans. The band says it's decision to avoid streaming sites isn't a protest on the legitimacy of the streaming industry, but rather a statement on how they want to reach their audience. They're not giving up on the idea of streaming, but rather finding an alternate way to make it work for them.

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Lonnieclaire produces their own music, and are involved in every step of the recording process. This ensures that their music is as unique and creative as possible.

The band's upcoming album, enitled "Mercury Wash", mixes rock, guitar-driven Americana, along with elements of grungy punk into a strong cocktail. Fans who crave an intense and unique listening experience won't be disappointed.

'Recording an album is always a labor of love, and this one was no different" says the band. "We can't wait for everyone to hear the result of our hard work.'

The LP's first single 'Turn to Rust' has already been streamed nearly 30,000 times on Spotify. The band has also recenty released a music video for another track entitled 'Bag of Tricks'.

(Check out "Mercury Wash" on this virtual CD player ( for a limited time)

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Tracks Featured:
'Forged in Dust' (4:02)
'Fight Another Day' (3:37)
'Turn to Rust' (3:15)
'Bag of Tricks' (4:23)
'Song 'bout The Nineties' (4:26)
'Lipstick Killers' (4:08)
'Sacred Skin' (3:49)
'Lil' Valentine' (4:38)
'Let Us Run' (4:11)
'Mercury Wash' (9:13)

With their desire to veer off in their own unique direction, it's impossible to predict what's next for the band. But one thing is certain: Lonnieclaire will push themselves, take risks, and embrace a wide range of influences. And that's exactly the kind of unpredictability that has earned the band a small but loyal following.


New York City-based Lonnieclaire is an independent rock band best known as an expressive style of lo-fi / garage rock with a history going back nearly 20 years.  For more information, visit

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