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How can you determine what you are reading and see online is authentic? Today, AI apps are now increasingly able to create text to article content and even video from a photo or a small collection of photos writes J Dean @SCS.

CLEVELAND - eMusicWire -- People must be able to determine the source of information in order to assign value and credibility to the material. Whether it's a social media post, art image or video news clip; people must be able to make an individual judgement on how to process the concepts and ideas presented. Knowing the source often uncovers the intentions. But what if you were unable to accurately identify the source and intentions of the social media post, image or video news clip. What if a person were no longer able to ascertain the difference between what's created by an authentic human versus an AI bot or intelligent machine reports J Dean @SCS.

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And how do we appreciate content information, images and/or video presentations that are created by a human in collaboration with the help of an AI bot or intelligent machine. How do we measure let's say the percentage of input by the human versus how much was influenced by an AI bot or intelligent machine.

For example, how can you determine that I actually wrote this article? Did I use an AI bot to do the work for me? Did I use an AI bot to create the thoughts in this article? While AI apps are now increasingly able to create video content from a photo or a small collection of photos.

You may never really know the authenticity, unless I told you that I in fact did write this article myself with no enhancements said J Dean @SCS. In the digital world economy, a way to protect one's valuable work is a primary concern, so ways to secure digital ID is important.

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