Reel Analog Records - The Scrubbers Vol I" Mixed by Tim Hinkley & Steve Marriott Produced by Tim Hinkley
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Limited de-Luxe Vinyl Edition of 500 only. Hand-signed and numbered by Tim Hinkley

LONDON - eMusicWire -- So, who are the Scrubbers? Certainly NOT Humble Pie! It all started in the 70's in London when Humble Pie were in Olympic Studios, London recording their eighth album. The recording was halted and Steve, disillusioned with Humble Pie, decamped to his home and embarked on his solo album at his Clear Sounds Studio. This is where The Scrubbers was born.

Steve Marriott gathered musicians Tim Hinkley & Greg Ridley (the lead trio), augmented with Boz Burrell (King Crimson, Bad Company), Ian Wallace (King Crimson, Bob Dylan), Clem Clemson (Colosseum, Humble Pie) and backing singers, The Blackberries (Vanetta Fields & Clyde King). Various other musicians were involved; Joe Brown, BJ Cole, Jim McCulloch. Over several days they wrote and recorded and finally finished the album.

Steve was eager to play the album to A & M Records, so Jerry Moss (co-founder of A & M Records) came down to listen. Steve was devastated as Jerry dismissed the recording and announced that, "OK, Andrew Oldham has Olympic Studios booked starting next week to continue production of the new Humble Pie album" and left Steve Marriott standing.

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Bizarrely the 16 track, unmixed tapes went missing; stolen? Confiscated? Purloined? They resurrected at A & M, where and one track, 'Street Rat' (badly re-mixed) ended up as the title track of the Humble Pie album, 'Street Rats'. Steve Marriott said, "Street Rat was a track with me, Ian Wallace and Tim Hinkley, it was nothing to do with Humble Pie!"

Fortunately, Tim Hinkley had saved the 47-year old 1/4 inch tapes that Steve Marriott and himself had originally mixed, still in there original boxes along with Steve's hand-written playlists and notes. This is those recordings.

Reel Analog Records have licenced the Scrubbers recordings and is now proud to announce the release of The Scrubbers Vol I. At last the 'The Scrubbers' will be available on vinyl in its original form as recorded and mixed by Steve and Tim, just the way they were intended before the afore mentioned debarcle.

The album has been cut with no digital interference. Raw and unexpurgated, this is the Scrubbers, at their finest and taking no prisoners. A classic piece of Rock history wrapped in a beautiful package featuring the never before seen Gered Mankowitz photographs and including a booklet with comments by BP Fallon, Tim Hinkley and full recording details. This is not Steve Marriotts Scrubbers by A & M! This is The Scrubbers songs as they were intended to be released.

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