Rock Guitarist Shares Secret To Making Playing Guitar Fast Easier
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Rock guitarist and guitar teacher Tom Hess has released an online resource sharing secrets for gaining pro level guitar speed technique.

NEW YORK - eMusicWire -- In his online resource, Hess discusses an approach guitar players can use to play with top-tier guitar technique. Hess begins with an explanation the importance of the technique for lead guitarists:

"Playing fast and advanced guitar licks is generally easier than most people think. Thing is, so many guitar players are using fundamentally incorrect technique after years of building upon improper posture or various bad habits. Correcting these makes playing guitar fast feel easy as it should be."

He goes on to discuss more in-detail about one basic way guitarists slow themselves down:

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Many guitar players wrap their thumb around the neck of their instrument as they play. This may look like the way some popular players play or may feel comfortable at first, but it makes it very hard to play guitar fast and clean consistently."

Hess goes on to expand on this topic:

"Playing guitar fast and clean is about positioning your hands in a way that allows for efficient movement and minimal tension. Wrapping your thumb around the neck makes it much harder to change positions, stretch for notes and play fast without making mistakes."

More information can be learned about how to position your fretting hand to play guitar faster and cleaner by visiting Hess's website

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