Rock Guitarist Shares Secret To Sweep Picking With Tapping
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Tom Hess explains how to sweep pick with tapping in his new resource.

CARY, Ill. - eMusicWire -- Rock guitarist and guitar teacher Tom Hess has released an online resource sharing secrets for playing sweep picking with taps.

In his online resource, Hess discusses approaches guitar players can use to become better at sweep picking with taps. Hess begins with an explanation about what he considers to be the foundation to expressing soloing:

"Did you know that you have the power to become a killer lead guitarist using the skills you already have? It's true! Why? Most guitar players already have an abundance of talent, they just need to learn how to better use it in a creative and expressive manner. This is good news for playing sweep picking arpeggios with tapping. As long as you have just a basic understanding of each, you are ready to combine them together."

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He goes on to explain one way he believes guitarists can improve their skills:

"Playing with excellent lead guitar technique is all about learning how to be expressive with your skills. Learning new ways to creatively sweep pick helps you set the foundation, so both techniques become infinitely easier to use in a fluid manner when it comes time to practice creativity."

He goes on to discuss more:

"Another killer idea is learning how to vary the rhythms you use to play arpeggios with rubato technique. Playing with rubato allow you to move away from the same rhythms you always use and give your solos a very expressive and musical feeling."

Hess goes on to discuss other critical soloing elements:

"Learning how to play sweep picking arpeggios with taps sounds totally awesome. Plus, it's easier to do than many guitarists think. The key to playing arpeggios like this fast and clean is all about efficient movement."

More information can be learned about playing sweep picking with tapping by visiting Hess's website

Source: Tom Hess Music Corporation
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