Rock Musician Shares Secrets To Professional Rhythm Guitar Playing
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Tom Hess shares his secrets to rhythm guitar playing like a pro player.

CHICAGO - eMusicWire -- Popular guitarist and guitar teacher Tom Hess has released a musical resource sharing the secrets for how to play rhythm guitar like a professional.

In his online resource, Hess discusses the main mistakes most guitar players make when trying to play with tight rhythm, and how to correct them in order to make their playing sound professional.

Hess immediately begins by saying the following: "The real secret to playing tight rhythm guitar is not learning all kinds of riffs, practicing constantly with a metronome or jamming with other musicians… actually it all comes down to two things: You must train your ear to focus on the correct things in order to save yourself time while practicing plus understand how to identify sloppy rhythm guitar mistakes."

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He then goes on to address some of the most common mistakes guitarists make while playing:

"Many guitar players make the mistake of palm muting every single note during rhythm guitar riffs. This causes the notes to blur together and become uniform rather than creating interesting contrast between muted and muted notes. In addition, a lot of players use inconsistent palm muting by sometimes muting too hard and sometimes not hard enough, causing the overall playing to sound sloppy."

In Tom Hess's resource, he also goes on to give rhythm guitar players clear steps to take in order quickly improve their rhythm guitar playing:

"Make sure to record yourself on a consistent basis while playing rhythm guitar. This will help you to spot any mistakes much more easily so you can train your ear to hear the weak points that hold you back. Then make a list of the specific issues you want to fix in order to make your practice time much more efficient."

More information can be learned about playing rhythm guitar by visiting Hess's website

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