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Emily is set to release her amazingly composed single, "What's Wrong With You," on March 14th, 2023.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. - eMusicWire -- Music has always been Emily Adams' first love. Her enthusiasm to learn the acoustic guitar and harmonica at the age of 12, much to the chagrin of her siblings, was perhaps a telltale sign that she was destined for greatness, and when she picked up the Fender Strat electric guitar, everything transitioned so perfectly and naturally. Her music journey has been nothing short of inspiring, and when I look at an artist of her caliber, I see an artist whom it is not easy to separate from her act—she has gone on to own her craft and turned her passion into art. She is her music, and her music is her, and that is what makes her a standout singer/songwriter and guitar player!

Emily Adams is set to officially drop her new single, "What's Wrong With You,"  on all streaming platforms as of March 14th, 2023. This track is a melodic, rich, and profoundly heartfelt masterpiece that puts its listener in another dimension.

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There are so many likable features in this tune. That guitar playing is awe-inspiring; as she pulls those strings, she pulls your heart with it. The mellow guitar tones lay the perfect foundation and end up offering solid support for Adams' hauntingly beautiful, glossily raw, and extremely mellifluous vocals that shine like a ray of light through the darkness.

Her performance over the dulcet guitar harmonies puts you in a reflective mood, and as the track builds, I love the skillful addition of the bass percussion and later on that fine-tuned harmonica that really adds warmth and luxury to this spellbinding masterpiece.

Ultimately, "What's Wrong With You" is the kind of performance that you don't forget—in its own magical ways, this delivery right here is compulsive and one that demands repeat listening experiences!

An inspirational track focusing on healing and growth, "What's Wrong With You" is the very definition of ear candy, and that instrumental and vocal delivery right there leaves nothing to be desired!

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Mark March 14th on your calendars and follow Emily Adams overwhelmingly so as to be all up in her business!

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