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The average US male is 5'7.5 tall and almost 10 inches shorter than the average NBA player. Sadly, that's not tall enough for the NBA: the shortest NBA players in 2021 are 5'10 and the tallest NBA player in 2021, Tacko Fall, is 7'5 - over 1.5 feet taller than the average US male.

The number of super-tall players in the NBA is growing; the 2020 - 2021 season is the first time there are over twenty over seven feet tall NBA players. Players who are under six feet are much rarer - only nine players' heights start with a 5.

The shortest NBA players in the 2020 - 2021 season are Jared Harper (Knicks), Tremont Waters (Celtics), Facundo Campazzo (Nuggets) and Markus Howard (Nuggets); they are all 5'10 - two and a half inches taller than the average US male.

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How much do the tall players benefit from their height? We compiled an infographic based on the average stats of all under 6 feet tall players vs all over 7 feet tall players.
  1. The tall players have played on average 2 min 30 seconds more per match
  2. Tall players made 2.9 points more than the short players
  3. Short players are better at free throws with 73% accuracy vs 60% of the tall players
  4. There are over three times more 7+ feet players than under 6 feet tall players

The height of the player dictates which position he is going to play: all short players are Guards and all tall players are either Centers, F-Cs or C-Fs.

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