Thailand's Finema spearheads decentralized identity tech
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"Public and private sectors are to join forces in response to rising cybercrime and booming digital economy. The deep-tech Thai company aggressively paves the way for cutting-edge identity technology in APAC and beyond."

SINGAPORE - eMusicWire -- Bangkok, Thailand:  The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world and accelerated the digital economy, where so much could be done easily at our fingertips. However, cybercrime is also on the rise as a result. According to a survey conducted by Pacific Prime Thailand, when comparing between February and March 2020, e-crime has risen by 37%. Its gross global damage is forecast to reach $6 trillion by 2021, twice as high as 2015.

As a result, security and privacy are becoming critical concerns for customers. Organizations can no longer focus on user experience and security only. Maintaining customer trust and loyalty requires privacy to be high on the agenda too. Finema is dedicated to helping organizations construct their digital identity infrastructures by providing self-sovereign and decentralized identity solutions, as well as accelerating international adoption of these technologies in cooperation with its partners.

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"Because the world keeps progressing into the digital era, people should not lose the power to control their data and identity. Access to privacy and trustworthy authentication is a right, not a privilege, as we believe that it is the individual consumer's right to have control over their digital identity. By building an identity infrastructure that enables privacy and security, organizations can reduce their security risks, while also deepening trust and loyalty with their customer," says Pakorn Leesakul, CEO and founder of Finema.

Finema is the first decentralized digital identity company in Thailand and among the only few in Asia. Finema has developed proof and verification systems for digital identity under the paradigm of self-sovereign identity (SSI). Implementing distributed ledger technology involves a decentralized data registry and a data storage structure like blockchains.  Their immutability and other defining characteristics allow for a platform in which digital transactions can be made fast and securely.

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Currently, Finema is looking for strategic partnerships and actively fundraising in pursuit of penetrating the Asia-Pacific market in earnest, as well as accelerating its cutting-edge product development. This will help it achieve another significant milestone in changing the world with the power of decentralized digital identity and many other promising technologies, such as password-less authentication and zero-knowledge proof.

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