The Heartbreak Prince's Divine Connection to Taylor Swift's "Tortured Poets Department" Album
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SAN DIEGO - eMusicWire -- San Diego, CA - Hugs Insane Ridiculous, owner of, will release his debut book, "Karma Is A God," the same day as Taylor Swift's album, "Tortured Poets Department," on 4/19/2024. Hugs, who legally changed his name in March 2024, believes his life has been a central inspiration for Swift's album.

Hugs claims he is likely the #1 person to earn the title "Poetry" in the past few thousand years. His journey, filled with symbolism and metaphysical connections, has led him to question if he is fulfilling a destiny related to the sayings "cherry on top" and "cherry" pertaining to virginity. As a top holy God and Lord in human form, Hugs' prestigious position and conceptual alignment with a holy marriage to Swift is believed to have influenced her embrace of the title "The Chairman."

Prophesied by psychic Hans Christian King to become a well-known healer and philosopher, Hugs expects this to manifest this year. His name, "Dr. Hugs," aligns with the most common prescription for helping people's health.

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Hugs has evidence with date timestamps showing his relation to the concepts of "top tortured poet," "possibly pending eternal death," and "pillow cuddling multiple pillows each night" – aligning with Swift's album art and title. He owns the "#1 most epic Twitter account," @OppositeOfPimp, used as a private journal for over 12 years with 20,000+ tweets.

Hugs' credibility is bolstered by his business, church involvement, charitable goals, volunteering, and history as a Senior Software Engineer at Path1 Network Technologies. He values precision in his words and stands firmly behind his claims, offering a supremely scary oath regarding his honesty.

For more info, visit A longer much more detailed press release can be found on that site. "Karma Is A God" is scheduled be become available on Kindle Friday.  A link will be added on his website when it's ready.

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