The Heavenly Collection of Phygital Error Coinage by Mylathecos™ Upcoming Media And Museum Presence
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NEW YORK - eMusicWire -- The soon to be released Phygital Heavenly Collection of Error Coinage by Mylathecos™, The Mysterious Error God Of The Universe will be highlighted in the April edition of the American Numismatic Association's (ANA's) Numismatist magazine.

This first public media coverage of the fantasy- based Heavenly Collection will be included in the Notable News section of both the print and digital versions of the magazine and is scheduled to be published in early March 2023.

Commenting on the inclusion within the pages of The Numismatist, Kenneth Oliver, creator of The Heavenly Errors Collection by Mylathecos™ said, "Having read this publication which is issued by the world's leading coin collecting club for many years, I am truly honored the ANA has decided to include The Collection in the Notable News section of this prestigious magazine."

And most notably, The American Numismatic Society (ANS), one of the oldest cultural institutions in the United States, will include a silver commemorative round of Mylathecos™ into its permanent collection of over 800,000 ancient and modern coins and medals in its New York City Museum. Mostly comprised of rare mythology-based and historically relevant donations, inclusion of Mylathecos™ into the permanent collection offers The Society and its members a peek into the future of coin collecting as The Heavenly Collection merges the physical and digital in a new and exciting way designed to attract a new generation of enthusiasts to enter the hobby.

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About:  Mylathecos™ branded products and any and all listings of The Heavenly Collection of Error Coinage by Mylathecos™ are exclusively made available for purchase from the organization's website  An application has been filed with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) for international Class 009 trademark registration protection for the name, image and likeness of Mylathecos™.

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