Virtuoso Guitarist Reveals Creative Sweep Picking Arpeggio Ideas
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Tom Hess has released a resource on sweep picking technique.

CHICAGO - eMusicWire -- World-famous guitarist and guitar instructor Tom Hess has released an online resource sharing secrets playing creative sweep picking arpeggios for the guitar playing community to help them make their arpeggios sound more creative.

Hess says: "Playing great sounding arpeggios on guitar is not very hard. You just need to know some simple approaches that pros use to make what they play sound creative and smooth."

Hess continues: "One of the best ways to make your arpeggios sound great together is to share one or more notes in common between them. For example, playing one note in an arpeggio and keeping it as a pedal note in the next chord. This sounds cool and helps both chords sound more smooth when transitioning from one to the next."

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In Hess's resource, he reveals more ways to make guitar arpeggios sound creative and more musically expressive using 7th chord patterns.

Hess's online resource about creative guitar chords can be found on his website along with various other instructional materials for guitarists:

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