Virtuoso Guitarist Reveals Innovative Guitar String Bending Method
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Tom Hess describes how to play with creative guitar string bending in his newest resource.

CHICAGO - eMusicWire -- International guitar guru Tom Hess, has unveiled his methods for playing virtuoso guitar solos in a unique online guitar licks resource.

In his resource, Hess discusses why most guitar players can't play great guitar solos due to a lack of bending creativity in their soloing approach.

Hess says, "Guitarists come to me all the time feeling frustrated that they cannot solo as creatively as they'd like. Truth, there are countless reasons why they are unable to play how they want. However, in most cases, these are the problems I see in the lead guitar licks of many players: They fail to connect together the phrases of their solo in an interesting way by getting the most out of expressive techniques like bends. Once I show them how to solve this problem, the quality of their solos instantly goes way up."

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He goes on to discuss his answers to this problem:

"One big solution to this that will make your soloing sound more creative is to understand how bends can be used in your phrases. For example, rather than simply playing through a solo note by note with very little articulation or embellishment, you can use bends to add flavor to the beginnings and endings of your phrases. Between notes, pre-bends can be used to smoothly connect one pitch to the next. Additionally, by bending at different speeds (slowly, fast or a mix of the two) you can create a level of expression in your soloing that most players never reach because they haven't thought of this approach. These are just some basic ideas to quickly improve any normal guitar solo lick, but they can make a big difference... changing an ok solo into a totally killer one!"

Hess's online resource about playing cool guitar licks can be found on his website

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