When I Cry, You Cry, We Cry Together
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Natural Released a new R&B single, When I Cry. It'll make you cry!

DETROIT - eMusicWire -- We are pleased to announce another hit single for Detroit's next to blow R&B entertainer, Natural Got Bars. The single was released a few days ago on his soundcloud page. With promotion and sharing on all major social media sites it has gained a lot of plays and attention for the R&B artist. The song is titled, "When I Cry" and it will bring tears to your eyes when you listen to it. Or it has for most people from what the feedback is on the comment page for soundcloud. The song was written from the heart and soul of Natural and as fans know, artists write about what is actually going on in their lives at the time.

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Right now, times are hard for families, no jobs or on lockdown, no school for kids, they are having to homeschool so a lot of people are struggling and that isn't all, people are dying because of the virus that the world is stopped for at this time. It is okay to cry, cry together and share life experiences.
When Natural hits the studio and releases music it is for the world to hear and share. He records music for himself not anyone else and that is the way artists are supposed to do. Go in the booth and just record, people will relate and this song, When I Cry is much related to! The link is below!


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